What you need to know: 2012 Democratic National Convention

Ashley Calvani | Online Editor

9/7: To read the transcripts from President Obama’s and Joe Biden’s speeches at the DNC click here.

To read an analysis of those speeches from a team writing for nytimes.com click here.

9/5: First Lady Michelle Obama is known for her ability to stir a crowd. Watch her speak today here.

9/4: Today, the 2012 Democratic National Convention kicks off today in Charlotte, North Carolina. The democratic party released their party platform yesterday. To read the platform in its entirety click here.

There is also hype that this will be the “most open national convention” in history. The convention this year will not be a closed door event, and democrats from all over don’t need to be invited to get in.

With official convention proceedings happening today and tomorrow, we can expect Obama to accept the party nomination on Thursday.

Photo taken from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/.


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