Sound off

Real MHS students sounding off about the 2012 Election:

On Sunday, September 23rd, I watched the 60 Minutes episode with the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney interview.  I liked how the interview focused on foreign policy:  I think that is the most important issue that Americans should be focused on.  The interview was simple and straight to the point.  Setting aside religion and same-sex marriage, the interviews focused on how the candidates proposed to improve America and how.  I do believe that president’s beliefs can tell us a lot about their character. I don’t think Americans should be so focused on issues like same sex-marriage when our country needs the leadership to get us out of debt.  I do think same sex-marriage matters, but our economy is in trouble and that should be number one.  I liked Romney’s answers [in the interview] better because he said leadership is having the vision to make it happen.  Romney did mention that he prays to God each night, and that is interesting because he is Mormon and most citizens do not know a lot about Mormonism, even though the religion topic is going to come up soon and rattle the campaign.  I do believe religion is a big factor to consider when deciding on who is the next president. Their beliefs could affect us all.

Quynh Tran, MHS Junior


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