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Corynne Hogan | Staff Writer

Staff writer Corynne Hogan’s response to Janie Simonton’s Don’t Overlook Women’s rights:

Response: “Don’t overlook women’s rights”

Janie, I commend you for taking a stand on women’s rights. I don’t want to be under a government system where I’m being purposefully limited because of my gender either. As a conservative, pro-life advocate and a woman though, I took the initiative to look into a few of the points you made and found a couple flaws in your argument and in UltraViolet’s stance, as well.

Claim (UltraViolet): “He voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.”

Yes, very true. He did vote against it. But, that definitely doesn’t support the assertion that he “encourages” women to be underpaid. If you look at the LLFPA carefully, it doesn’t necessarily do what its name suggests—or the stigma of it, for that matter. Rather than actually demanding equal pay, it only allows women a longer ruling of limitations in bringing lawsuits against pay discrimination to court. This article (click here) addresses the “Republican’s war on women” liberal claim (I mean, if I want to get salty here, it’s really their battle cry) and the hypocrisy that lies behind it, as well.

I also found this article (click here): “Ledbetter is about Lawsuits—Not Equal Pay,” that thoroughly explains some of the legal flaws and loopholes in the act.  For example, current business executives could be held responsible and penalized for actions of previous managers who aren’t leading the company any more. The article says that “we need a system that offers just compensation for those truly wronged by an employer, but not one that creates the potential for super-sized payouts that encourage frivolous lawsuits.” I couldn’t agree more. I do appreciate the intentions of the LLFPA, but there’s got to be a better way to filter out the important lawsuits from the trivial ones.

Claim (UltraViolet): “He’d outlaw in vitro fertilization—Seriously.”

I was researching UltraViolet and came across this analysis on The Tampa Bay Times Pulitzer Prize winning fact-checking site.  UltraViolet’s claim is that Paul Ryan would “outlaw vitro fertilization,” but the Tampa Bay Times found that to be a half-truth.

PolitiFact does say the bill (The Sanctify of Human Life Act) Ryan co-sponsored would “likely outlaw specific practices that have historically been considered important for practicing in vitro fertilization.” For instance, since the act defines fertilized eggs/embryos as full humans, anything that puts an embryo at risk or in danger would be a considered a criminal violation. So, because the bill would outlaw any destruction of embryos (vitro-fertilization depends on the overproduction of embryos), it would hold a full-forced impact on the procedure, cost and success rate.  Ultimately, the bill “would not ban the procedure itself,” but would still hold a significant impact on it.

In case you’re curious, you can read the actual bill here, as well.

Claim: “The man who shares a cubicle with you is earning approximately $1.00 to every $0.75 you make.”

On average, women do make about 75% of what men do. So, yes. You’re correct.

But you’re missing another major aspect of it.

This video (click here) explains and debunks the common misconception that men make more than women because of discrimination. It states that “men and women invest very differently in their human capital” and then lists of the four different ways they tend to do so.

In education, men tend to go into areas such as business, computer science, engineering, and life sciences and women are more prone to go into education, health and humanities (1:01-1:10). Ultimately, women tend to go into fields that produce less money than men and men go into fields that tend to produce more money than women (1:12).

The video continues to make several points regarding pregnancies, having a family, raising kids and having a part-time versus full-time job. If you click to 2:18—the video displays an infographic on the comparison between the average man and the average woman’s life.

In conclusion video’s points, it states “the difference between men and women’s pay is not a result of labor market discrimination, but of the choices men and women make before they enter the labor market or even when they’re in the labor market, about the kinds of jobs they want to have and the way they want to balance a family and work,” (2:33).

At 2:50, the video also displays a man and woman whom have shared the same experiences, education and career path, and compares their two salaries. It states that women make, on average, about 98% of what men do, almost completely eliminating the gender wage gap. PayScale also created an infographic displaying an in-depth analysis and comparison of men and women’s salaries in the same field:  click here.

Just for credibility purposes, Forbes wrote an article, making and backing up the same points the video argues: click here.

Janie, I’m sure there is gender discrimination out there in the labor force, but to suggest that men on average make more than women solely because of discrimination is bit of a stretch.

Claim: “And bills that, if passed, would forbid hospitals from giving a woman an abortion even if she would die without one, even in cases of rape and incest.”

I found this site, here, that addresses and explains that The Sanctify of Human Life Act (the bill you’re referring to) only gives legislatures the right to protect unborn babies: click here.

It states that “‘The bill declares that fertilization marks the beginning of a human life and then affirms that the Congress, each State, the District of Columbia and all United States territories have the authority to protect the lives of all human beings residing in its respective jurisdictions.’ In other words, it doesn’t ban anything: It merely affirms that legislatures have the authority to protect unborn life.’”

As for defunding Planned Parenthood and outlawing forms of birth control, personally, I completely side with Ryan. With Planned Parenthood—I’m not quite sure how to say this—but it’s just so ridden with flaws. Check out this youth-led, pro-life group’s website: http://www.liveaction.org/. These are students who have gone undercover in a Planned Parenthood. They have discovered and exposed the many serious problems that lie within it through the videos they’ve shot. To throw out an example, LA released multiple videos in 2011 of multiple Planned Parenthood employees, at different affiliates, in which they offered counseling to a “pimp” on getting abortions and testing for sex workers. Here’s the link to one specifically. But I don’t want to get too deep into that—these are more of moral debates. But, I do recommend you check out the site and the group’s videos.

Again, I appreciate your attempts to stand for women’s rights. Girls definitely need to sit down and look at the straight facts before they choose a candidate. Just wanted to make a few clarifications in your piece!


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