The Issues

The following views expressed are typical of a total left-leaning or right-leaning voter. Views somewhere in the middle of the two ideas are considered moderate. We would like to thank for providing this information.

Individual Rights:


Strongly Support means you believe: Abortion is a private decision between a woman and her doctor. You believe in the `Right to Choose’ and are strongly pro-choice. The right to abortion empowers women and is an important part of women’s health rights and women’s reproductive freedom. That right includes the right to a government subsidy for poor women who want an abortion.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Abortion is immoral because it kills a human being, and should never be tolerated. `Roe v. Wade’ should be overturned and we should protest abortion clinics as other forms of injustice are protested.

Affirmative Action:

Strongly Support means you believe: Affirmative Action makes up for past injustice. Until blacks, women, and other minorities are proportionately represented in the upper classes of the economy and the workplace, society owes them a hand up. Government should actively enforce Affirmative Action laws in private companies.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Affirmative Action is better described as Reverse Discrimination. Quotas based on race and gender are wrong, whichever race or gender they favor. Under-represented groups should fend for themselves without government intervention.

Sexual Orientation protected by Civil Rights:

Strongly Support means you believe: Neither government nor corporations have any right to decide about sexual preferences. Give same-sex partners the same status as heterosexual partners, and give same-sex marriages the same status as traditional marriage.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Homosexuality is immoral. You believe that the ‘Gay Agenda’ seeks to normalize homosexual activity and make it part of the mainstream as ‘just another lifestyle.’ We must draw the line so that homosexual values are not imposed upon our children.

Church and State:

Strongly Support means you believe: Judeo-Christian values are American values. Belief in God is what America was founded upon, so praying in school or other public places does not violate the separation of church and state. Displaying the Ten Commandments is appropriate because they are the moral basis for Western law. The Pledge of Allegiance should continue to include the phrase “Under God.”

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Separation of church and state precludes allowing school prayer. It also precludes other aspects of religion in schools, such as posting the Ten Commandments in public places. We should not violate the Constitutional principle in this case.

Domestic Issues: 

Death Penalty:

Strongly Support means you believe: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. The death penalty is appropriate punishment for murder, as a form of justice regardless of the deterrence effect.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: State-sanctioned killing is wrong. Capital punishment should be abolished as a form of ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

Gun Ownership:

Strongly Support means you believe: The right to bear arms is a basic Constitutional right and expresses the democratic principle of self-defense against tyrannical government. Leave gun rights as they are.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: More guns mean more killing. Limit availability of guns by whatever means are effective. The 2nd amendment does not mean an unlimited right to any and all firearms.

Federal funding for health coverage:

Strongly Support means you believe: Too few Americans have adequate health insurance. The government should make funds available for more complete coverage, or should expand existing government-run coverage to all citizens. A single-payer system would solve most healthcare problems.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Nationalized health care would entail a government takeover of a large portion of the economy and undue intrusions into our personal medical histories.  Remove the federal government from the health care industry.

Privatize Social Security:

Strongly Support means you believe: Our retirement funds should not be entrusted to the government.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Social Security should remain forever under federal control to ensure that all Americans have a secure retirement.

Green Energy:

Strongly Support means you believe: Overuse of fossil fuels causes serious problems that we should deal with immediately by raising carbon taxes, raising CAFE standards, federally funding research into alternative and sustainable energy resources, and push to implement the Kyoto Protocol.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: There’s no such thing as global warming – it’s all natural climatic variation. And if there is a problem, it won’t affect us much, and we can deal with the problems as they arise.

Drug Use is immoral:

Strongly Support means you believe: Drug use is immoral and we should fight the war on drugs in our country.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: The Drug War should be ended. It has failed, condemning a ‘Lost Generation’ of blacks and Hispanics to prison and criminal records. End it now like we ended alcohol Prohibition, and organized crime and drug-related crime will decrease like it did when Prohibition ended.

Economic Issues:

Progressive taxes:

Strongly Support means you believe: A progressive income tax is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Its premise is that the wealthy contribute proportionally more than those with lower incomes. That is the right way to run our tax system, and we should keep it that way.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Ideally, the income tax and the IRS should be abolished. Perhaps a national sales tax, like the FairTax, is a good replacement. Lower and flatter taxes are a good first step.

Encourage immigration:

Strongly Support means you believe: Immigration restrictions are basically racist because they keep out Hispanics and other non-whites. We should reform US immigration laws and use them to increase our diversity and cultural tolerance. Social services should be offered to all residents of the United States regardless of immigration status. Illegal aliens should be offered amnesty if they prove themselves as productive members of society.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: We should strictly enforce our immigration laws by increasing border patrols, and we should crack down on illegal immigrants already in the US by deportation and by removing all their social benefits. In the long run, we should decrease immigration.

Defense/International Issues:

Defense spending:

Strongly Support means you believe: We have an obligation as the leaders of the world to maintain a strong military. And we have an obligation to our service personnel to pay them adequately.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: Defense spending includes huge amounts spending and should be reduced dramatically. We should change our Defense policy to one of defense, instead of one where we police the world. Pull US troops out of Europe, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere. We are wrong to have a military that is as large as the rest of the world combined.

Patriot Act unconstitutional:

Strongly Support means you believe: The Patriot Act is unpatriotic. The terrorists are winning because they have forced us to limit our Constitutional civil rights. We should not give up our liberties in exchange for security, because if we do we will end up with neither.

Strongly Oppose means you believe: The president should be granted all the means necessary to fight the War on Terror. When dealing with terrorists who want to destroy our country, stretching the definitions of torture and the Geneva Convention is necessary. Remember the victims of 9/11 first, and focus on preventing another 9/11 rather than focusing on civil rights of terrorists.


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